Aug 11, 2017

Of Papers and Coins

Last year, I started to pick up this habit of saving my coins a la "sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit". I think that's the easiest way to encourage yourself to start saving money. Most of us don't give a hoot about coins. Coins are heavy and the value isn't much. I mean what difference does a 10 cent coin make right?

One 10 cent coin doesn't make a difference, but perhaps 20, 30 pieces of them do. With that in mind, I started saving coins and it has proved to be VERY resourceful for me. The annoying part is carrying those heavy bags of coins to the bank, and more annoying is when Singaporean banks charges $0.012 deposit fee per coin. I guess I have to re-count the number of coins I have instead of the value...

I wonder where I placed my savings book... Last time I used to save money using that book, because getting the money out is harder but now I don't remember where I placed it. Gotta remember to dig up the treasures for that. I think I'm ready to seriously save money in that account... Last time was hard because paper cash is not as troublesome as coins. It's easier to spend cash than coins, but HARDER to save cash than coins. Now that I've got my coin game going, I'll start saving paper cash this time around.

I have a friend who's an air stewardess. She travels overseas a lot, so she always has USD bills laying around. To save her money, she started saving US dollars instead of ringgits. It's a good way to save to. Different people have different ways of saving. You just gotta find one that's right for you.